GP SILENT 100LT 4.5HP Dental Compressor

General Details

PRODUCT NAME: GP SILENT 100LT 4.5HP Dental Compressor


(Width x Depth x Height) 76 x 130 x 52cm


  • Completely oil-free dry air dental compressor.
  •  Supports 3-4 units.
  • 4.5 hp power with 3 pc. 1.5 hp motors.
  • It is very quiet and its sound level is only 66 db.
  • It runs smoothly and without vibration. It produces 255 Lt / min of idle and 480 Lt / min air at 5 bar pressure.
  • Tank capacity is 100 liters.
  • Pre-cooling system that prevents condensation works with 220v 50hz network voltage.
  • Compressor and all parts used on the compressor have CE certificate.
  • Dimensions 76x130x52cm (height-width-depth)
  • Weight: 80 kg
  • Warranty Period: 2 years
  • Production Site : Turkey

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